How to clean your own carpet

Suppose you are eating something while sitting on your carpet and you accidentally spill some of your food on it. It makes a very bad spot on your carpet and makes it look hideous. You do not trust any carpet cleaning company but you really need to clean it out. Sounds like a lot of work now doesn’t it? Well, it is a bit of work but this is why this article will be proving to be of great help to you. The steps that we will discuss will help you to clean your carpet easily.

For starters, I recommend you to buy a alexandria carpet cleaning machine. You might be having some difficulty in buying it as it might be a bit expensive. If that is the case then you can always rent it out from your nearest grocery or hardware store. You can take it and help yourself to clean your carpet.

Alexandria Carpet Cleaning

Now, that being said, you need to move the furniture aside. Move all the furniture if you can to clean your carpet. This will give your more room for a cleaner carpet. Next, the thing to do is to move the small stuff. Get rid of all the small things that are lying around. You really do not want to miss out any spot when you are cleaning your carpet. Now that the things are away. Start using your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all the spaces. This helps you get rid of the dust that is lying around. This is the beginning of your cleaning.

Now the carpet cleaner comes in; fill it up with warm water and carpet cleaning solution that the machine recommends. Remember the stain problem we were discussing before? Well, there might be plenty more. So try to spot them and start treating them with the machine. We recommend you to begin your cleaning from a corner. This will help you to cover all the spots on your carpet. We recommend you to follow the instruction manual that came along with the machine. This will help you a bit more in cleaning. Try to move the machine parallel to the wall. Well, this gives you the extra edge on cleaning the carpet lines. This is not still over. You need to do this one more time. Why? Well because you do not want your carpet to be always moisturized now, do you? So use the machine and go all over it again so suck all the moisture in.

This is the disgusting bit. Empty the tank and clean it thoroughly before putting the machine back together. While cleaning the tank, you might realize how dirty your carpet really was. With this being done, allow the machine to dry properly. Allow your carpet to dry up as well. Then use your vacuum cleaner to go over the carpet again. This will pick up the remaining debris on the carpet that might have been left behind. And there you have it, a clean and tidy carpet for your use!